Joel Ari Schnall

Work experience

July 2012 – (Present)       Bleacher Report        San Francisco, CA
Android Consultant
Ooyala and Youtube video, Facebook login and sharing,  ORMLite, Eclipse, Analytics, Admob, Bitly, Crashlytics, JSON

June 2010 – June 2012       Evernote        Mountain View, CA
Senior Software Engineer
Worked on all aspects of the android client, including writing the bulk of the client side sync engine, and content provider, in addition to some of the ui.  Additional technologies used included, SQL, javascript, and Eclipse.  Created the help overlay, added note dictation, etc.

May 2009 – June 2010       Barnes&        Palo Alto, CA
Software Architect
Wrote Settings, Screensaver and QuickStart apps for the nook, an Android based E-Reader.  Also implemented various widgets, enhancements and bug fixes in other apps, including wallpaper and forms.  Prototyped, then implemented Browser for nook.  Custom page navigation for nook color.

October 2008 – February 2009       Hooked Wireless        Cupertino, CA
Software Developer
Bug discovery and fixing on Hooked Media Player, a flash player for mobile devices implemented in C/C++ and OpenGL.

February 2008 – October 2008       Hooked Wireless        Mountain View, CA
Software Developer
Consulted on the Android project at Google, focusing on the Mms application for the T-Mobile G1.  Duties included implementing new features, fixing bugs, and conducting code reviews with technology such as Android, Buganizer, Eclipse, Java, Mac OS X, Perforce, and SQL.

October 2007 – January 2008        Mobile Candy Dish        Berkley, CA
Principal Software Engineer
Maintained and implemented new features for Blaze Mobile Wallet and Movie Candy J2ME clients.  Ported to several handsets.

April 2007 – Sept 2007        Originate Labs        San Mateo, CA
Software Innovator
Thought up and implemented prototype of ClayFace, a Java ME widget platform for Sony Ericsson Phones.  Wrote an iPhone/iPod address book backup client for Apple OSX, using SOAP, COCOA, Apple’s ISync API, and Unix shell scripting.

Nov 2006 – Feb 2007        InterCasting Corporation        San Diego, CA
Software Consultant
Fixed bugs and ported BREW version of Rabble. Edited documentation and conducted developer testing for mobile phones.  Used RequestTracker and SVN.

Aug 2006 – Nov 2006        9 Squared        Denver, CO
Software Developer
Fixed bugs and ported several software programs written in C/C++ and BREW. Edited documentation and conducted developer testing for numerous mobile phones.  Used BugTracker and VSS.

Feb 2006 – Aug 2006        Verizon Business        Colorado Springs, CO
Software Developer
Updated existing OrderPro form printing system, and created new forms in C/C++ using RogueWave libraries, vi and CVS on the Solaris platform.  Fixed errors found in production.  Found problem with and assisted in redesign of OrderPro print status. Wrote Java code to parse XML and import new orders.

Jan 2002 – Jul 2002        Raytheon        Sudbury, MA
Wrote CCA test programs in C/C++, involving socket programming, and integration of custom libraries.  Drew network diagrams, wrote test plans and documentation.

Summer 2001           Raytheon        Tewksbury, MA


Fall 1999 – Fall 2001        University of Delaware        Newark, DE
Undergraduate Teaching Assistant, Computer Science Department
-CISC370: Java, OOP, and the WWW
-CISC220: Data Structures
-CISC105: Introduction to Computer Science (2 Semesters)


Dec 2005    University of Colorado    Denver, CO
Master of Science in Computer and Information Sciences

Dec 2001    University of Delaware    Newark, DE
Bachelor of Science in Computer and Information Sciences
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